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[Ebay] New fee standards - 50 free auction listings a month

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Ebay sent out this message to members (emphasis added):

Starting April 19, you'll be able to list your items Auction-style FREE, at any start price, up to 50 listings a month. Plus you can add the Buy It Now option to these listings FREE to grab buyers in a hurry. Set the price you want and sell it fast! This is not a limited-time special but a change in eBay Standard fees to help you list more for FREE all the time--even those high ticket items! Pay only if your item sells.

Also, because we know buyers take into consideration the total cost of an item, also starting April 19, to encourage sellers to keep shipping costs low, the Final Value Fee will be applied to the total amount of the sale--including shipping.

Ship fast for less!

Just a reminder, when you sell an item, always pay for shipping and print a pre-filled shipping label right from eBay using your own printer. It's fast, easy, you get a discounted postage rate. Plus tracking information is uploaded automatically to eBay and your buyer gets an email notice that your item shipped.

New eBay Shopping Cart

As an eBay buyer you'll soon be shopping on eBay with a handy, familiar shopping cart. Add multiple items--Fixed Price and Auction-style--from multiple sellers and pay in one easy checkout. The new eBay Shopping Cart will be the way to shop on eBay by the 2011 holiday season.