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Gintama : Clear Collection (Carddass Masters)

Set info

  • Series name: Gintama
  • Set name: Clear Collection (Carddass Masters)
  • Publisher: Bandai
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 2006

Set Distribution

  • 21 Clear cards (SP01 - SP21) (6 of these are embossed)
  • 40 Regular cards (001 - 040)

Set Notes

Released 2006. This was actually the first Gintama Clear Collection set, but after this, Bandai switched to the Carddass line. Carddass cards are slightly smaller and sold through vending machines as well. The regular card numbering continues in the next set, but the SP numbering does not. This set has the Carddass Masters logo on it.


  • ACO code: Not Set
  • Series ID: NOT SET
  • Set ID: NOT SET
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