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Prince of Tennis : Special Bromide Part. 7

Set info

  • Series name: Prince of Tennis
  • Set name: Special Bromide Part. 7
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 2006

Set Distribution

  • 3 Private real bromides (7PR-1 - 7PR-3)
  • 15 Real bromides (7R-1 - 7R-15)

Set Notes

These “special bromides” were bromide sized, printed on real photography paper, and came in their own photo stand. 1 box had 12 packs (11 Real bromides, 1 Private real bromide), 1 pack cost 300 yen (315 yen tax inclus.) and contained 1 bromide with stand. See example scans on the Konami Prince of Tennis website.“Present Version.” Released March 9, 2006. Each stand contained a special White Day message from the character. (White Day is on March 14. In Japan, girls give guys chocolate on Valentines, and guys give those girls something back on White Day.)


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