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PriPara : プリパラ

Series info

  • Series name (EN): PriPara (Prism Paradise)
  • Series name (JP): プリパラ
  • Series ACO code: Not set
  • Series ID: Not Set

Laala Manaka is a 5th-grader at Paprika Academy. Like most girls, she admires the world of PriPara, a sport that tests idol girls on song, dance, and fashion. Unfortunately for her, her school does not allow elementary school students to participate in PriPara. However, through miraculous circumstances, Laala passes the audition to become a PriPara idol.

PriPara (Prism Paradise) : プリパラ

Idol Time PriPara : アイドルタイムプリパラ

Kiratto Pri Chan (Sparkling Prism Channel) : キラッとプリ☆チャン

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