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RoSe Completion Trading Card : TYPE Studio e.go!

Set info

  • Series name: RoSe Completion Trading Card
  • Set name: TYPE Studio e.go!
  • Publisher: Gal Musume Factory (ぎゃるっ娘ファクトリー)
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 2008

Set Distribution

  • 30 Regular cards (A - 10 for each title)
  • 9 Special cards (J, Q, K for each title)
  • 3 Secret cards (Joker for each title)

Set Notes

Released August 2008. There was planned to be a mail away campaign for a card autographed by 「Studio e.go!」's Kazue Yamamoto.


  • ACO code: Not Set
  • Series ID: NOT SET
  • Set ID: NOT SET
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