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What is ACO?

AnimeCards.Org is the largest collection of anime trading card information in English. The site has gone through a lot of changes but we have been collecting card information for more than 20 years.

What isn't in ACO?

It's an arbitrary line but there is definitely a priority in what we will include in ACO and what we will not bother to work to include. Ultimately, the question is do collectors want this information?

Anime only

  • We focus on Japanese anime. There are many wonderful animated stories around the world, but the site is centered squarely on anime of Japanese origin.
  • We do not collect tokusatsu (such as the Kamen Rider series.)
  • We do not collect live action versions of anime, such as musicals, stage plays, tv shows, or movies. No Detective Pikachu.
  • We do not generally collect things that are merely a character, like Sanrio characters, though sometimes it's hard to determine just looking at the set.

Trading It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish, but we try to focus on trading cards. Trading cards are usually collected in sets, in blind packaging (ie, you don't know the content of the pack before you open it.) Lami cards and telephone cards, for example, are not included in this site.

Cards There are many arguments about what consists of a card, and this is the most arbitrary line we have to draw. Generally the items should be flat. We do not collect actively collect information on the following: clear files, can badges, pins.

Trading card games We don't generally collect trading card games or card games in general, as they are pretty difficult to organize, but it would be nice if that information could be preserved in some way.

Reproduction vs. Reprint

I am translating 復刻 as a reproduction. This applies to, for example, the anniversary reproductions of Sailor Moon sets that were produced recently. My thinking is “reprints” should be reserved for 2版 (where the first printing sold out and they issued a 2nd printing) type things, like for the Evangelion Carddass Masters. Just one of many lines in the sand to draw, I am open to changing.

Meigen vs. Famous Quotes

Bandai has in the past few years (2020~) come out with various Meigen (名言) sets. These are famous lines by the character in the anime. For now I am using “Meigen (Famous Quotes)” which is the Japanese pronunciation + the meaning. Normally, I would prefer to stick to one or the other, but these are so new, I don't know what the community has decided to call these cards. So to make it easier for you to search, I have offered both. Maybe in the future when there is a standard way to describe it, we can change it.

Seals vs. Stickers

In Japanese, stickers are often called “seals,” but this does not make sense in English, so I often changed シール to “sticker.” I have recently seen a lot of sets where “sticker” is used instead of “seal,” so I have changed my thinking on this issue. I think we should use the word closest to the Japanese, and perhaps add a note about the meaning.

Regular vs. Normal

In Japanese, regular cards are most often referred to as “normal” cards, but on ACO, normal is consistently translated as Regular. Some collectors may still use Normal, it means the same thing.

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