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Dream Festival : ドリフェス!

Series info

  • Series name (EN): Dream Festival!
  • Series name (JP): ドリフェス!
  • Series ACO code: Not set
  • Series ID: Not Set
Anime News Network Plot Summary

Kanade Amamiya is a regular high schooler, whiling hours away at his part-time job ever since he quit the soccer team. But Kanade has something special - a smile and energy that let him go “beyond the ultimate,” and even get him scouted by a famous idol producer. Kanade isn't sure he wants to be an idol, and his new rival Junya Sasaki is quick to tell him that he doesn't have what it takes. After running through a rigorous day of idol exercises, Kanade realizes this just might be the passion he's been looking for - but with an audition already approaching, Kanade will have to work hard to be ready for this shimmering new world.

Set List

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