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Hanamachi Monogatari : 花町物語

Series info

  • Series name (EN): Hanamachi Monogatari
  • Series name (JP): 花町物語
  • Series ACO code: Not set
  • Series ID: Not Set
Visual Novel Database description

Our uke hero Suri has a English father and Japanese mother so he has blond hair and blue eyes which he gets bullied for. His parents died so at the beginning he is working as a servant at a brothel where he is beaten, starved and overworked. He catches the eye of Tatsumi, the owner of a infamous male brothel called Hanabishi who buys him over. Once he gets to the brothel, he gets a nice kimono, a nice room of his own and nice food for the first time in his life. He meets various other characters and that's when the real story (and sex) starts.

Set list

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