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One Piece : New King of Pirates Gummy 4 [Set 6]

Set info

  • Series name: One Piece
  • Set name: New King of Pirates Gummy 4
  • Set name (JP): 新海賊王グミ4
  • Publisher: Bandai
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 2003

Set Distribution

  • 5 Plastic cards (3D type) (No. 126 - No. 130)
  • 20 Plastic cards (regular type) (No. 131 - No. 150)

Set Notes

Released: September 2003

Numbers continue from Pirate King sets. These are thick cards that came with a piece of gummy candy. Fairly sought after in Japan, but rare outside of the country.

There was a promotional campaign where you could win an original gumi card album. It is not clear whether this came with a card or if it is different from the album that was sold normally.

ACO Notes

Because the numbers continue from the previous set, we are ignoring the numbers on the actual set name for the ACO code.


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