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Admins Section

I'm always worried about information being lost forever. While Bandai, Hobby Search, and Animate kindly keep up their pages for years, Konami, Movic, and detailed Bandai pages disappear as years go by.

The Internet Archive has helped in alleviating some of that fear but we want to go on forever. Therefore I am creating a password locked section for Admins to manage new pages and keep images and information as a reference.

I was calling it the librarian section but it just felt weird and awkward, so back to admins~

2022/02/20 06:59 · headlibrarian

Super Mario Brothers

Bandai has archived product pages from 1985. As far as I can tell, cards started to be sold in 1986.

Today I worked on this set:

First I archive the product page itself.

This does not seem to have the main product image so I archived that separately.

Images are hugely important in researching.

If you just look at the picture, this looks like a figure set, but according to the text, there are “Super Mario Certain Victory Cards” (スーパーマリオ必勝カード super mario hisshou card) included.

When doing research, I try to use the common English translation, but there are many times when I am translating something in this context for the first time. In this case, there are 3 options: don't translate, transliteration, find a relatively common/acceptable translation.

In this case, I couldn't find a reference to these cards in English, so I went for an English translation because there were similarly titled strategy guides from the .

Bandai's page says there are “21 types” of the figures (?) and it has a list of the different types. However, while it says Certain Victory Cards are included, it doesn't say how many cards there were. I thought maybe 21 cards to match the number of figures, but wanted confirmation.

Bandai's image also has a JAN code “4902425 061832” but googling this didn't bring up anything.

I tried スーパーマリオ必勝カード and actually found this page from Mandarake's blog.

Let's archive this. Hrm. the internet archive does not seem to want to archive that page. I keep getting job failed. I've saved the page as a pdf for reference, and I'll tag the final page as “need archive” to remind me to go back to this. need to archive

As you can see from this page, the box covers are exactly the same as the image in the bandai page, but the figures look different. If you look closely, they are the same figures, just unpainted versions. The website says they are erasers. The bandai page does not mention that they are erasers, which is odd.

Still, the box does look identical, and in absence of other evidence, I think we can say these sets are the same.

According to this Mandarake page, there were 21 erases, but 7 box types. Each box had a number, 1 to 7, and each box had specific set of erasers inside. Correspondingly, there were 7 Certain Victory cards, numbered 1 to 7, which are pictured on the website.

This is enough information for a proper set info page! See it here: Super Mario Certain Victory Cards

2022/01/24 10:30 · headlibrarian

Priorities: New vs. Old

As a collector, I want to know about new sets. Sometimes there are mail in campaigns or other time limited events. But as the person in charge of collecting ALL the info, I am more worried that old set information will just disappear from the internet.

So for now, my priorities are 1) transfer the info from the old site to this one, 2) add newly discovered old set information, update old info, 3) add new to us sets.

However, if you have new sets info you want to donate, or you have some set info you want me to translate and add, I take info, and I take requests.

This site is closed for comments for security reasons (opening up to comments and user logging means a LOT more security features are required), but you are welcome to contact me on Twitter. I may open up an email address but I am also leery of spam.

2020/08/05 23:11 · headlibrarian

Preserving source material

I restarted this site on July 12, 2020, but as those of you who have been in this world a while know, ACO has been around since at least 2003. As I rebuild, I work on it a little bit every day.

Although I have been pretty lucky with the old sites being revived, the internet archive, and many many auction sites, but over the 20+ years I have been doing this, many old friends have gone down. Even official company websites don't stay up together.

I started creating PDFs of auctions with relevant information, since I don't know when those will go away.

2020/08/05 06:49 · headlibrarian
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